Magicians Dead: Force of the Soul will be released on December 28 in Japan


Dead Witches: Spirit Power It will launch on PlayStation 4 on December 28 in Japan, publisher Oizumi Amuzio and developer Byking announced.

The Standard Edition will cost 6,800 yen via download and 7,480 yen at retail, and the Limited Edition will cost 9,900 yen. The limited edition includes a special box, original art book and acrylic painting.

Here’s an overview of the game via Oizumi Amuzio:

For veterans and newcomers to the shooting game alike

Dead Witches: Spirit Power It is a competitive team fighting game in which “magicians” and “psychics” – characters with different powers – battle in three-on-three matches.

To make it easier for users who are not familiar with third-person shooters, the difficulty level of some operations has been adjusted, such as the ability to switch targets with the press of a button and autoplay. -the goal.

Play alone or with friends in heated team battles

In addition to the single player mode, the main appeal of Dead Witches: Spirit Power It takes place within the online battle mode. There are plenty of modes in which you can fully enjoy team-based battles, including Ranked Match, in which rankings are reflected in match results, and Casual Match, which was not available in the arcade version and allows you to play in… Three-on-three, two-on-two, or one-on-one matches.

A completely original and fully voiced story mode

The Single Player Mode features a Story Mode not offered in the arcade version with a completely original story for each character. The story is fully voiced with returning voice actors from the arcade version, allowing even those who are playing… The witches died For the first time so as not to fall behind and understand the game world better.


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