Mario Kart Tour commentary on Bowser Tour, new Mii Racing suits

Mario Kart TourAnd Nintendo Hit mobile kart racer, just released a new game trailer for the upcoming Bowser Tour and Mii Racing Suits Wave 31. The new tour is set to debut on May 2nd, 2023, and will feature the SNES Bowser Castle 3.

Mario Kart Tour Available now on the App Store and Google Play. You can watch the full Bowser Tour trailer on the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel:

A simple musical cue from the new trailer kicks off well, since the new tour must be very nostalgic, because it’s actually the first. The visuals look absolutely stunning and it hasn’t lost any of its personality. In fact, some sharp-eyed fans have noted that the new course’s background could refer to GBA Bowser 4’s castle, though nothing has been officially confirmed.

Too bad there won’t be any new contestants, and there has been some backlash over the lack of any new Bowser Jr. mods. or Bowser. It’s kind of a missed opportunity to continue making use of the movie’s outfits, like Epic wedding.

but, Mario Kart Tour It at least offered a solid variety of courses, and its original world tracks feel very special when woven into the base game. Most free games suffer from the opposite problem, leaning more on cosmetics rather than gameplay content.

The supply of replacements has always been uneven, but hopefully they’ll add some glaring absences. instead of, Mario Kart Tour It’s still focused on the Mii Racing Suits, which is introducing another wave alongside the new Bowser Tour. Although Wave is strangely missing Wendy, there are some fun suits here:

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