Nacon sets May event dates for Bigben Week, with exclusive announcements


Nakun They officially announced that their 6th Bigben Week event, featuring exclusive shows and other updates, will be held between May 22nd and May 25th, 2023. Nacon are best known for their work on WRC racing series steelring, And blood vessel 3. Here’s the big event announcement from Nacon’s official Twitter feed:

The new promotion that accompanies today’s announcement is running The Lord of the Rings: Gollum And RoboCop: Rogue City.

However, the first release is scheduled for May 25th, and the game has already revealed a surprising amount of footage. Just a couple of weeks ago, Nacon showed off new footage of the RTX, revealing an extended gameplay demo of nearly twenty full minutes. The developers seem determined to win over the skeptics, but at this point, that seems unlikely.

So, fans of the publisher should really look forward to more details on the game RoboCop: Rogue City, which wasn’t released until later this year in September. Ideally, Bigben Week will reveal a new trailer and a concrete release date.

Robocop It’s still a mature IP, thanks to its original creative sci-fi designs, solid action, and clever commentary. Until the new Nacon title, players can experience the indie roguelike Mega City Policewhich is directly inspired by the recently released IP by Ravenage Games.

For the context of the broader event, you can think of last year’s Bigben Week, which was revealed Steelrising, Greedfall II: The Dying WorldAnd WRC generations. Each of these titles received a new teaser. Also, the fans got an update about Unlimited test drive, whose release was eventually pushed back to this year. It would be nice if there wasn’t another delay this time around, because this series has been very inactive.

You can read more about The Lord of the Rings: GollumNacon and other upcoming gaming events by checking out the rest of our news section.


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