Nancy Drew game #34 title revealed by HeR Interactive

The globally famous detective, Nancy Drew, is preparing for another adventure in the next installment to be released by HeR Interactive. With a newly announced title, fans are even closer to playing to mystery game.

Announced by HeR Interactive on May 26, 2023, a trailer for the Nancy Drew #34 title was released with the debut of the upcoming game’s title. Nancy Drew Mystery of the Seven Keys still does not have a release date, but fans can feel excited that the installment now has an official name. The trailer also confirmed that Mystery of the Seven Keys will be located in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Other details for the upcoming mystery video game can be found across the Twitter account for HeR Interactive. The voice actor for Nancy Drew, Brittany Cox, will be reprising her role for Mystery of the Seven Keys. There have been two characters confirmed for the game, Oskar and Elka. Fans can get even further information about the game by solving puzzles and decoding mysteries on the official Twitter account.

HeR Interactive is a video game studio located in Bellevue, Washington. It was founded in 1995 and has been creating Nancy Drew titles since 1998. The 33rd game, Midnight in Salem, was released in 2019. HeR Interactive first announced Mystery of the Seven Keys in April 2023 under the name of Nancy Drew #34.

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