Open-World Farming Sim, Solarpunk, Opens Kickstarter Campaign Announcing Early Access Launch 2024

solarbankIt is an open-world survival game developed by indie developer Cyberwave and published by rokaplay, and is set to be released in Early Access for multiple platforms next year. In addition to this announcement, Cyberwave also launched a Kickstarter campaign to support it solarbankdevelopment.

solarbank Set in a futuristic world of floating islands, players must use sustainable technology to build a self-sustaining ecosystem. Players will have to use sunlight, wind, and water to create an energy system and automate processes such as resource gathering and watering plants. will start in Steam early access in 2024with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch versions to follow.

to support development solarbankCyberwave recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. This crowdfunding campaign invites fans to contribute to the progress of the game and receive exclusive privileges in return. The Kickstarter campaign is now live and open for participation.

inside a world solarbankIn this game, players will be able to build and decorate their homes using a variety of modular building components and decorative items. Since fruits and vegetables are the primary source of food in the game, players will also plant various seeds in the ground and harvest the fully developed plant after a while.

Aside from food sources, players will also need to collect raw materials to craft new items. For larger items and technical devices, crafting tables are needed. Each item has an individual recipe that provides instructions on the type and amount of raw materials needed.

Emphasizing the importance of sustainable technology, players will generate electricity using wind, water and solar energy, which will be important for powering technical devices. By connecting devices to wires, players can bring electricity to even the most remote places in the game.

solarbank It seems to be a promising title with a mixture of survival game and farming simulation elements. Its wide range of features, particularly the inclusion of technological hardware, sets it apart from other titles in the casual farming genre, elevating the overall immersive experience.

You can add files solarbank for you steam Wishlists are now notified when they become available.

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