Platformer Nocturnal reveals story trailer and June release date

Laylaa fantasy action platformer coming from a software developer Sunnyside Games and publisher, Dear Villagers, launching June 7, 2023. Today’s narrative trailer also explains the story with new gameplay footage of dialogue and combat.

Layla It will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and next-gen consoles for PlayStation and Xbox. You can watch the new trailer on the Dear Villagers YouTube channel:

Layla It centers around the mystery of what happened to your island home. There is a literal haze shrouding everything, and many scenes feel sad or blurry. So naturally, today’s trailer doesn’t reveal much more than January’s trailer.

This is probably best for preserving the element of surprise and discovery. However, there are still some hints about the type of tone and characterization Layla will deliver.

Today’s trailer reinforces the sense of danger and conflict. The dialogue is full of somber reflection and reminiscence, as the images focus on the tragedy of what happened to your people.

This grim approach falls short of the title, and adds some emotional heft to your journey. The new trailer is very economical, and cleverly generates some new intrigue with just a few select images and lines of dialogue.

Layla The music and art design continues to impress as more are revealed. Her world pays a lot of attention to lighting, which makes a lot of sense, since lighting up the dark is a major theme. The animation and fire effects also make a big impression, with smooth and eye-catching animations.

Sunnyside Games are the same developers behind them Toja: Among the shadows, which similarly focused on fighting darkness with magic. Their visual taste has improved since then, so hopefully Layla excite a wider audience.

You can read more about LaylaAnd Sunnyside Games and other platforms to come by checking out the rest of our news section.

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