The PlayStation show is set for Wednesday, May 24th


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The PlayStation Show, which provides a sneak peek into the future of PlayStation gaming, is set to go live next Wednesday, May 24, at 1pm PST / 9pm BST. The show, which is expected to last just over an hour, will do the trick Highlight games are currently in development for PS5 and PS VR2 from leading studios around the world.

The show promises a look at the many new projects in development at PlayStation Studios, as well as engaging games from third-party partners and independent creators. The livestream is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 24th at 1pm PST / 9pm BST, and can be accessed on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

However, those who plan to stream syndication or save the broadcast as video on demand (VOD) should note some limitations due to copyrighted content. This broadcast may contain copyrighted material, such as licensed music, which PlayStation has no control over. While PlayStation values ​​and acknowledges the contribution of broadcast participants and creators, licensing agreements outside their control may affect shared streams or VOD archives of that broadcast.

For those who intend to create short videos or repost clips or clips from the show, it is recommended to exclude any copyrighted music from their content. This precaution is intended to ensure a seamless experience for creators and streamers. The PlayStation Showcase is an important event for the PlayStation community and is expected to attract huge interest from enthusiasts around the world.


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