Polaris is a cooperative PvE shooter coming to PC this year with fully destructible environments

Polaris is a four-player co-op PvE shooter set in an original sci-fi universe coming to PC via Steam this year. Developed by the Polaris team, a branch of Variable State, the studio behind 2021’s Last Stop and 2016’s Virginia, the developer formally unveiled Polaris earlier today. IGN Live Show with movie trailer.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse of this sci-fi world, which takes place in a region of space overtaken by a ruthless force known simply as the Regime. In the game, players must reclaim their homeworlds and bring down each enemy stronghold.

Check out the first look at the game in the Polaris reveal trailer below:


Says the Polaris team, “All in-game structures – established by the regime, but not yet inhabited by their instructed citizens – can be crushed, blown up and otherwise destroyed during each match, and the same is true of the natural environments and terrain on which they are built.”

Players control superpowered freedom fighters who use guerilla tactics as they fly through dynamic open levels to reclaim their territory, destroy enemy infrastructure and uncover the coveted secrets that drive the regime’s victorious war.

“Ever since I first played Bullfrog’s Syndicate Wars, I’ve always dreamed of working on a game featuring high-tech squads of futuristic soldiers wreaking havoc and destruction in an original sci-fi setting,” writes Team Polaris creative director Jonathan Burroughs. Press release. “Express a deep appreciation for the Halo series — especially its mix of on-foot and in-vehicle cooperative action — and you can begin to get a sense of what we hope to achieve with Polaris.

“We’re a small and scrappy team of just 11 people, but have been plugging away at this project since early 2023. With the help of tools and technologies from Unreal Engine 5, the Polaris team has built a tight 4-player PvE combat game set in our own unique sci-fi universe with a dynamic, destructible environment this year. After the release date, myself and the team couldn’t be more excited to share Polaris with players worldwide.

Here are some Polaris screenshots to check out:

Polaris will be out on PC this year via Steam. You can sign up for the beta playtest starting today.

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