Streets of Rogue gets an Early Access launch date of August 2

Streets of Rogue 2 will be coming to Steam Early Access on August 14th. The news comes via the PC Gaming Show, which also showcased a new trailer for the open-world sandbox game.

Set in a living, procedurally generated world, Streets of Rogue 2 gives players one task: take down a corrupt president. How they achieve it is up to them. Whether that means helping the citizens with their problems or causing utter chaos, the game gives players the freedom to twist and bend its colorful, destructible world to their whims. Playing various playable characters with unique talents like ninja, chef or hacker, you can cruise in cars, boats and other vehicles.

There’s no word on how long Rogue 2’s Streets will be in early access, but creator Matt Dabrowski says to expect “many exciting updates” as 1.0 gears up for launch.

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