Popular medieval strategy city-builder Manor Lords surpasses 2 million in sales on debut

Lords of the Manor, a medieval strategic city-builder and one of the surprise hits of 2024, has sold over two million copies. The game has only been available on PC Early Access since April 26, meaning it achieved this milestone in just three weeks.

Publisher Hooded Horse announced a sales account for Steam, Epic, GOG and the Microsoft Store (where Lords of the Manor can be played via PC Game Pass). The game quickly caught fire, selling over 1 million copies a day after launch. Since then, Manor Lords has consistently enjoyed the highest number of concurrent players, reaching 173,000 in its first weekend on Steam.

Manor Lords is being developed by Slavic Games and puts players in the shoes of a medieval lord tasked with building and cultivating a city. Players manage their city’s community, infrastructure, economy, and defense/expansion, the latter of which unfolds into large-scale tactical battles. Complex social and production systems with an ever-changing world (complete with seasonal and climate changes) lead to an organic metropolis that players take on in a big way.

Manor Lords joins Early Access hits like Paulworld and Hades II this year. The game’s 1.0 launch is currently up in the air, as the game continues to change and improve based on player feedback. It’s a good start, though, and we’re curious to see how it evolves over its EA period.

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