PQube to publish healthy store management simulation game Discounty for PC

PQube to Publish Healthy Store Management Simulation Game Developed by Crinkle Cut Games Discounted when you start for PC via Steam, the company announced. A release date was not announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:


Manage your own supermarket! Organize and restock your shelves, visit customers, make local business deals, and make friends with a quirky cast of characters. Start a new life as a local entrepreneur in this cozy management simulator. Discounted!

Use all the tools at your disposal to build a business empire, but be careful: excessive growth could upset your fellow townspeople. Will he seek to make unlimited profits at the expense of others or can he find a way to help everyone?

Welcome to Blomkest

Your aunt summons you to Blomkest, a ruined port city with a dwindling population, and puts you in charge of her only grocery store. Ella Saves the local Discounty’s branch and puts Blomkest back on the map!

Key Features

  • To serve the clients – Each customer has a shopping list and it is your job to make sure everyone leaves the store satisfied. Every shopper has unique behaviors and preferences – do your best to keep them all happy!
  • stay busy – Balance many tasks as a merchandiser: keep shelves stocked, floors clean, and storage space organized. And don’t forget to call customers on time, or they might get impatient and even leave! The more efficient you are, the more clients you will get. Can you keep up with the chaos?
  • Design your store – Organize your store to make it as eye-catching and efficient as possible! Rearrange shelves and products at any time to find the most efficient layout. Design your aisles well to help customers find what they need, and put up decorations to entice them to shop a little more.
  • Unlock local products – The residents of Blomkes do not get along very well with the newcomers, but there are still quite a few producers and manufacturers in the city. Earn their trust, make business deals and sell local products for more profits!
  • Make friends – Don’t neglect customer relationships! Outside of store opening hours, you can explore the city and meet its quirky residents. Establish relationships with all the inhabitants of the city and reveal the mystery of Blomkest’s past. Besides, making some friends can’t be bad for business…
  • make enemies – Don’t expect unlimited growth without some resistance! If you continue to expand, you may step on some toes. Not all your townmates want you to succeed. It turns out that selling frozen fries isn’t going to cure the city on its own.

Watch the publisher’s announcement trailer below. See a set of screenshots in the gallery.

Publisher Announcement Trailer

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