Project T: Midwinter Entertainment’s PvE Action Shooter Dead by Daylight Launches Insider Program

Publisher Behavior Interactive and developer Midwinter Entertainment have shared an update on their previously announced player-versus-environment action horror game from the world of Dead by daylight. Codename Project T, the game is in its early stages of development. However, Midwinter Entertainment has released the Internal program to allow players to become participants in the development of the game.

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A unique cooperative shooter between player and environment

In Project T, players take on the role of Intruders: tough characters who have been removed from their realities and trapped within the Entity’s Realm. There, in an ever-changing region called The Backwater, they discover that they must work together if they are to have any chance of survival.

Intruders will quickly discover that they are not alone. The Backwater is home to hideous monstrosities known as The Thrall. These terrors come in many forms and have different deadly abilities. Their origins and nature are unclear, but they certainly do not like intruders within their domain. To achieve their goals, players will have to fight The Thrall with all the weapons at their disposal.

Players excited about this new version of the Dead by daylight The world won’t have to wait long for more news on the development. Registrations for the Project T The Insider program is now open to anyone who wants to lend their voice and ideas to help shape the future of the project.

Sign up now for the Insider Program

When registering for the Internal programplayers will become active participants in the development of Project T.

In addition to exclusive previews and in-game rewards, Insiders will also have the opportunity to join closed playtests and share their first feedback with the development team. Interested parties are invited to register and help make Project T the best it can be.

Watch the reveal trailer below. See screenshots < href="">in the gallery.

Reveal trailer


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