Quest Master launches in early access for PC on May 29

Retro Dungeon Creator Quest Master will be released in early access for PC via Steam and epic games store on May 29, publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Skydevilpalm announced.

The early access version will include the following content:

  • A developed dungeon creator, including dozens of different parts that can be combined to create new mechanics and complex puzzles.
  • Multiplayer for up to three players simultaneously.
  • The ability to upload and share dungeons with other players, download other players’ dungeons, rate them, and more.
  • Three dungeon themes to choose from.
  • The beginning of Castle Town, the core area of ​​the game, which includes side content and metagame aspects such as magic ring collection and mini-games.

The full release will include three dungeon themes, the full soundtrack, and “many more parts” to use in your creations, as well as a world builder, a full story campaign, and more.

The early access period is expected to last half a year.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its store pages:


Quest Master is a dungeon creator inspired by the classics that made us love dungeon crawling. He unleashes your imagination, alone or in local cooperative play, to create dungeons full of puzzles, traps and monsters. Upload them for others to explore and challenge yourself with other players’ creations.

Key Features

  • Make your own dungeons – With dozens of pieces, both classic and new, at your disposal, the possibilities are endless! There are also enemies of all kinds, from the typical villain to fearsome bosses. Combine different ones to create completely new mechanics and complex scenarios!
  • Choose your theme – Switch between unique dungeon themes with the click of a button to give your dungeon a new coat of paint. Place your dungeon in a sand temple, fiery cavern, or lush forest. All dungeon components are swapped on the fly – you’re never limited to just one.
  • A robust event system – Link different dungeon components with an intuitive drag-and-drop system to create events in your dungeon. Making keys and items appear when all enemies are dead, or setting up a devious trap with a harmless switch: these are the most basic examples. Experiment and discover what else is possible!
  • It is dangerous to build alone – Do you have some inventive friends? Gather them together and work together to build and explore in local co-op play with up to three friends.
  • Share your creations – Did you build the perfect dungeon? Upload it for other players to test their mettle. Do you need a new challenge? Dive into another dungeon in the ever-growing list of creations uploaded by the community.

Watch a new trailer below.

Early Access Release Date Trailer

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