Ravenlok Patch 2 fixes achievement bug, adds more options, and more!

Patch 2 for Ravenlok was releasedAddresses missing achievements and issues restricting playability for some users based on console languages. This update introduces several quality of life improvements, such as the volume slider for Sword SFX and the “Hold to Attack” toggle, while the hit boxes and attack sequences for bosses are also improved.

The updated versions are v25 for the Epic Games Store and v1.0.32.0 for the Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Windows PC platforms, both updated May 17, 2023.

Among the issues addressed was a rare issue preventing players from unlocking certain achievements. With patch 2, it should sync appropriately when the game loads, as long as the required steps have been completed.

Fixed various bugs, including some players not being able to view text if they loaded a saved game from before the last update, players getting stuck in Mask Palace, and issues causing the title to enter a partially unresponsive state when trying to load previous save data After starting a new game without entering a name.

A series of new options have been added to the menu. These include various toggles, such as ‘Hold to Dash’, ‘Skip All Dialogues and Cutscenes’, ‘Display Potions and Bombs in HUD’, ‘Camera Depth of Field’ and a new ‘Sword SoundFX Volume’ slider. A message indicating that “Translation is coming soon!” It is also displayed when the player’s console language is set to Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese.

Improvements have been made to game translation and user interface (UI). This includes fixes to overlapping text in the various UI menus and tweaks to the “I found an item” UI layout.

Difficulty changes have been made with the removal of enemies’ health scaling, and game improvements include the ability for all bombs to now deal damage to more than one enemy.

The boss gameplay mechanics have received a major overhaul. Made adjustments to melee hit boxes to hit the player if they are too close to the boss. Bosses will now avoid repeating the same attack twice in a row, and bosses will not use ranged attacks when the player is nearby. Buvador’s missing kick back attack has been fixed, and the bison are now only allowed if the player is outside melee range.

For Xbox users who have experienced missing achievements, the solution includes updating the game Ravenlok to version 1.0.32, running the game, loading the more advanced save file, and allowing the missing achievements to sync properly.

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