Why is Trios gone from Fortnite? Answered

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Fortnite’s v.24.40 updates has officially rolled in, featuring the new exciting Ranked Play mode, allowing players to play competitively and gain ranks for themselves. However, this update also included some other minor bug fixes and changes for the game that players may or may not be as excited about. One major change is the removal of the Trios party option, which has left us all a bit confused. Here are all the details we know so far!

Was Trios removed from Fortnite?

The convenient Trios team has been around Fortnite for a while now and allowed for parties of three players to join up and hop into a match against other teams of three without having to face full squads. Sometimes you just don’t have that last player to make a full squad, and sometimes threes are just better, which is what made the mode so great. I, personally, probably used the mode more than any other party options. Unfortunately, players have to say goodbye to Trios for now because the team size has been officially vaulted with Fortnite’s v24.40 update, featuring the new Ranked Play.

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With the launch of v24.40, Fortnite has tweeted all the details about the new Ranked Play and the patch notes for this update. In these notes, they mention the vaulting of Trios but don’t give us much insight into the why. However, considering Ranked Play is only available for Battle Royale: Solos, Duos, Squads, and Zero Build: Duos, it might have something to do with some bug issues that arose while attempting to roll out the update.

That being said, the Trios party size is probably the least used out of all other party options, which could have been the main reason the team decided to remove it, making their job at developing the Ranked Play a bit easier. Despite it being removed for now, they did only announce it has been “vaulted” for the Battle Royale and Zero Build modes for now, meaning it could make a comeback at any point in the near future and isn’t permanently gone forever.

Time will tell if Trios will be readded into the game at a later date, but for now, we can enjoy Ranked Play in the other available party sizes. What do you think their main reason for vaulting it is?

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