Resident Evil 4 Remake DLC “Separate Ways” launch trailer, gameplay and screenshots

Capcom released a launch trailer and new screenshots for its recent announcement Resident Evil 4 Remake of the “Separate Ways” DLC, which is scheduled to be released on September 21. Many outlets have also appeared with gameplay videos.

Here’s an overview of the downloadable content across Capcom:

“Separate Ways” explores another side of the reawakened tale, following Ada Wong on a secret mission that pairs the agent with Leon Kennedy as he searches for the president’s missing daughter. Alongside the release of “Separate Ways,” a free update for “The Mercenaries” will be released on the same day, introducing Ada Wong and her notorious employer Albert Wesker as playable characters in the popular bonus mode.

In Separate Ways, Ada Wong travels to a remote, rural part of Europe to infiltrate a village controlled by the religious group known as Los Iluminados. Under orders from Albert Wesker, Ada is tasked with obtaining the cult’s darkest secrets: a mysterious substance known as “amber.” Her process is intertwined with the research of Leon S. Kennedy about the president’s missing daughter, providing an alternative perspective to the main story revealing events unfolding behind the scenes.

Along with the highly acclaimed gunplay, combat and knife gameplay mechanics Resident Evil 4Separate Ways brings an added edge to the experience that takes fast-paced events to exciting new heights. In this exhilarating mission, Ada is armed with a Grappling Gun that can be used to swing across rifts and make rapid ascents and dives to the depths below. She can also use the device in combat to confront enemies in close quarters and initiate melee takedowns from a distance.

Resident Evil 4 Available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and PC via steam.

Watch the footage below. View screenshots in the gallery.

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