REYNATIS launches on September 27 in the West

Urban fantasy action RPG REYNATIS will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via Steam on September 27 in the West, publisher NIS America announced.

pre-orders for the REYNATIS The limited edition is now available through NIS America Online Store for $99.99. Includes a copy of the game, a collector’s box, an art book, an acrylic art print, a multi-panel art print, and the original digipak mini soundtrack.

In Japan, REYNATIS It will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Switch on July 25. The PC version will be released alongside the global launch of the game.

NIS America also confirmed that the game will include special crossover content with Square Enix. NEO: The world ends with you, with characters, locations and enemies from the game. If you missed it before, watch the trailer here.

Get the latest details below.

■ Characters


A support group for street magicians founded by Michiro. It keeps radicalized vigilantes at bay and imposes its own sanctions on problematic issues that the law-abiding MEA cannot control. The MEA has put them under surveillance as a dangerous organization. There are only a few members: Michiro, Moa, and Nika, who comes and goes as she pleases.

Michiro Kujirai (voice of Soma Saito)

The founder of Owl, a group that supports unaffiliated street magicians. He has a natural inclination to care for others and looks after the magicians and their families in Shibuya.

—Michiro acts carefree and evasive but has strong convictions. He invites Marin, who seeks strength without worrying about group affiliations, to join Owl.

Nika Meguro (voiced by Asaki Yuikawa)

18-year-old high school student and former member of the track team. She was on the verge of death because she was kidnapped and woke up to become a mage. Hiding this fact, she continued with the track career until her friend found out about her. Nika was forced to leave the club. Since then, her school attendance has been irregular. Nika has been helping Owl with a certain purpose and she met Marin by chance in Shibuya.

—Nika’s combat style focuses on invoking magic. Her familiars can attack enemies distant or in the air.

Moa Fukamachi (voice of Rina Kawaguchi)

A 20 year old magician. Michiro took her in when she was depressed, so she has been her biggest fan ever since. People often see her as a cheerful girl because of her bright and cheerful personality, but she is actually prone to depression. Since she must hide her identity as a mage from her, she satisfies her need for approval by whispering to herself and maintaining a private social media account with 0 followers.

—Moa can turn his umbrella into a hammer, giving him the ability to launch devastating wide-range attacks.

■ Assistant

Explore Shibuya to discover street art and gain magical powers to make yourself stronger.

—Find a variety of art in this realistic interpretation of Shibuya. This type of art is a magic circle called a wizard, which can grant you new magical abilities.

—Gain new powers by finding and obtaining magicians scattered around Shibuya.

—There are two types of mages: Skills, which grant special abilities or magic, and Skills, which improve your statistics.

Some are shared with the entire group, while others are tailored to specific characters. They will give you an advantage in battle, so it is important to always be on the lookout for new mages.

—Your mage can be upgraded using experience points gained in battle. The Skill Wizard can be upgraded for additional stat bonuses, while Skill Wizard upgrades increase the power, range, and scale of magical attacks.

—An example of magic from a skill wizard at level 1 and maximum level. Maximize your abilities to unleash amazing power!

Check out a new set of gaming videos below.

Hooded combat

Assistant View

Skill Activation

Hoodie Exploration

Stress level

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