Roblox Doors and Makeship to Collab on Seek Plush Toy

in an exciting collaboration, Roblox Doors has been announced on Twitter They are partnering with Makeship, a crowdfunding platform, to create a plush toy version of Seek, the famous goop monster from the game. The collaboration is set to reveal more details on May 5th. It’s not clear if this collaboration will replace the recently teased collaboration with YouTooz, or if it will be released in the future.

The main antagonistic entity and secondary antagonist of Hotel in Doors, the Seek is known for its large mound of black slime or goo that forms into a grotesque humanoid with one eye during chase sequences. A faint red light is emitted from his body and eyes, and his appearance varies between mobile and console or PC players.


Roblox Doors is a first-person horror experience in which players aim to reach Door 100 while avoiding the entities that try to kill them and their teammates. Players can enter the elevators in groups of up to 4 (or 12 in private servers) and make their way through randomly generated rooms, unlocking doors and hiding from certain entities. Rooms can contain interactive furniture, hidden switches, and sometimes require a flashlight or lighter to navigate in the dark.

to make, the company behind this collaboration, is a crowdfunding platform that works with creators to design and create high-quality, limited-edition custom products and experiences. The platform deals with design, manufacture, fulfillment and customer service. Makeship values ​​include supporting creators, minimizing their environmental impact, and cultivating a strong community within the creative economy.

Roblox Doors fans can look forward to the upcoming Seek plush game and additional information that will be released on May 5th.

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