The Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults Kickstarter campaign is set to launch later in May


BKOM Studios And Paizo Corporation Officially unveiled its upcoming hack-and-slash co-op RPG based on the popular tabletop role-playing game, Pathfinder.

Today, the Quebec-based studio behind the award-winning Sunday Gold announced their upcoming title, Pathfinder: Abominations Vaults. It is set to launch a file Kickstarter campaign later this May And soon it will be available for computer via Steam. Get a sneak peek at some of the exciting features of Pathfinder: Abominations Vaults In a new trailer from The official channel of BKOM Studios on Youtube:

Apart from a glimpse of the features Pathfinder: Abominations VaultsThe ad video included some notes from BKOM Studios and Paizo Inc.. Pathfinder community for their support and affirmed their commitment to delivering a quality game that meets fan expectations.

according to White GrayCreative Director at BKOM Studios, Pathfinder: Abominations Vaults Not only will it be a love letter to Pathfinder fans, but it will also be a great way to enter the world of Pathfinder for the first time. Frederick MartinCEO of BKOM Studios, also made the following statement about Pathfinder: Abominations VaultsKickstarter campaign:

“With Kickstarter, we can reach players and backers directly, giving them a chance to bring the game to life with us.” He adds, “And by creating this channel of communication with fans, the campaign is a way to allow us to build a stronger, deeper and more meaningful game, which we believe every Pathfinder fan deserves.”

Frederic Martin, CEO at BKOM Studios

Pathfinder: Abominations Vaults It promises to deliver an exciting dungeon crawling experience in a world Pathfinder. in this game, Up to four players You will take on the iconic role Pathfinder Heroes, incl Princely And Ezrin. Players will venture to the deepest depths Gauntlight KeepFight deadly monsters and abominations on their way to get to the evil witch Belcorra Haruvex Finally putting an end to her despicable schemes.

in the preceding weeks Pathfinder: Abominations VaultsMore details about the game will be revealed on the day BKOM Studios Social Channels. Those who want to stay informed or get notified when the campaign goes live can now visit the pre-launch page here.


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