Ruinarch, the rimworld villain, is out of Early Access and available on Steam


After spending nearly three years in Early Access, Ruinarch has finally hit the mark Full version on Steam, offering players a unique blend of mischief, storytelling, and total destruction. Version 1.0 introduces monsters, faction ideologies, villager actions, achievements, controller support, visual mod support, and performance improvements, all based on player feedback from the community.

Ruinarch players can choose from three distinct overlord archetypes to match their evil tendencies, whether they prefer the disease-spreading Lich, the manipulative Puppetmaster, or the destructive Ravager. Mixing and matching spells to create the most destructive combo is the key to victory, as the game offers many ways to wreak havoc on the procedurally generated fantasy worlds.

Ruinarch’s open-ended gameplay allows for many villainous activities, from creatively combining spells to form new types of chaos, to spreading gossip and starting demonic cults. Players can even turn villagers into vampires or werewolves, plunge the village into a zombie apocalypse, and more.

Inspired by story-generating games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, Ruinarch places a heavy emphasis on creating both humorous and tragic narratives. Experimentation is highly encouraged, allowing players to combine raw interactions for devastating custom results. By interacting with the world and generating Chaotic Energy, players can upgrade their portal to gain new powers and ultimately summon themselves back into the game world to ensure victory.

The game also offers the ability to infect villagers with various defects, which creates compelling situations and conflicts. Players can deploy monsters to kidnap and harass villagers, spread malicious information, and even develop rats that spread plague. Villagers can be imprisoned and tortured to inflict random blemishes on them, or brainwashed into secret cults that aid the player in their nefarious schemes.

Ruinarch offers a diabolically entertaining experience where players take on the role of a villain in a dark, twisted sandbox world. The game is now available on Steam, allowing players to unleash their inner evil and create chaos in a world of their own making.


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