Should you recruit Hakert in Wartales

Medieval turn-based-strategy RPG Wartales really throws you in at the deep end. You can have any number of companions, plus animals, while there are 10 crafting and gathering professions to master. Even the first region has more than 30 locations to visit and about the same number of quests. One of these sees you meeting a thief called Hakert. So, when given the chance you might be asking yourself whether you should recruit him in Wartales.

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When you arrive at Stromkapp Mill, you’ll find one survivor of a brutal battle. His name is Hakert and while he’s a thief, he clearly has something of a moral compass. He’s looking for revenge on his former brutal boss, but should you recruit him? In short, there’s no right answer. There will be no penalty if you don’t, but he will join your party for free and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing when you find and take down the man he is looking for.

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On the negative side, outlaws you recruit will always be labeled as an Outlaw on their character sheet. They come with no Traits and demand wages just like everyone else. However, on the flip side, they have no initial outlay in cost (either Krowns or Influence) and they level up exactly the same as other companions. They can earn positive Traits through their deeds, and you can switch professions in exactly the same way as any other recruit. I added Hakert to my party and haven’t looked back. You simply can’t have too many Rangers in your party. Finally, if you hire him and change your mind, you can put him in Chains and hand him into the next Jail and collect a bounty.

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