Sony reveals PS5 Final Fantasy XVI bundle, limited edition DualSense controller, and controller shell


Sony recently announced the upcoming PlayStation 5 Final Fantasy XVI bundle, which is set to be released on June 22nd. The bundle will include a PlayStation 5 console along with a download code for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI. North American gamers can expect the bundle to be available online PlayStation Directwith pre-orders opening May 4.

Ff16 playstation 5 bundle image
Image: Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia too Detect many additional hardware packages and accessories, including a Final Fantasy XVI bundle for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition priced at 56,980 yen, a limited edition DualSense wireless controller featuring a Final Fantasy XVI design for 8,980 yen, and a PlayStation 5 skin with a limited edition Final Fantasy XVI priced at 7,980 yen.

These special edition products, which will be available in limited quantities, are scheduled for release on June 22 exclusively in Japan. Pre-orders for these items will begin on May 4 through PlayStation Retailers and EC Sites nationwide.

Ff16 PlayStation 5 cover photo
Image: Sony

Final Fantasy XVI, included in the package, is the latest installment in the popular Japanese role-playing game series, featuring a unique worldview and rich storyline. As the first full action RPG in the series, it follows the main character, Clive Rosefield, as he harnesses the power of several summoned monsters in the land of Vallessether. The game also features a special in-game item, the Braveheart Sword, which is an exact replica of the weapon wielded by the light warrior from the first Final Fantasy.

Ff16 Image themed Dualsense controller
Image: Sony

The limited edition DualSense Wireless Controller features a delicate frosted pattern on the touchpad, painted in vibrant blue and metallic gold against a midnight black background. This specially designed PlayStation 5 skin features illustrations of the summoned monsters Phoenix and Ifrit from Final Fantasy XVI, decked out in soothing gold.

At this time, it is not certain if additional bundles and accessories will be available in North America and Europe, or if the PlayStation 5 Final Fantasy XVI bundle will be released in Europe.

Final Fantasy XVI is set to release on PlayStation 5 on June 22nd.


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