Star Trucker Adds Xbox Series Version and Launches September 3

Space truck driver simulation game star trucker will be released for Xbox Series and PC via Steam On September 3, publisher Raw Fury and developer Monster & Monster Announced. The Xbox Series version was recently announced. There is currently a demo available for PC.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:


Climb into the driver’s seat of your big rocket-powered truck as you haul cargo, search for salvaged items, and interact with an eclectic cast of star-jumping truckers on this American-influenced ride on the ultimate open road: space!

Plan your routes along the hyperhighways of a vibrant galaxy full of opportunity. Invest your hard-earned money on new essential components and supplies to keep your trusty truck running on all cylinders and ready for the next challenge.

Immerse yourself in the retro-futuristic Americana vibe with an original soundtrack packed with constellations of cruise rock, galactic country and starburst blues as you take in views of mist-shrouded asteroid fields, stunning nebulae and bustling spaceports.

Key Features

  • Unlock a wide range of transport jobs, trailer types, suppliers and cargo.
  • Navigate a dynamic galaxy populated by fellow truckers, stellar events and dangers.
  • Customize your rig with a wide collection of parts and paint jobs.
  • Spacewalk to perform essential maintenance and collect debris.
  • Trade small goods and contraband based on an ever-changing galactic economy.
  • Use your CB radio’s microphone to interact with a cast of fully voiced characters for an authentic trucking experience.

Watch a new trailer below.

Release Date Trailer

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