Racing and life simulation game Crescent County announced for Xbox Series and PC

London developer Electric Saint has announced Crescent Countyan open-world racing and life simulation game coming to Xbox Series and PC via Steam. A release date was not announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:


Crescent County is a delivery life simulation game where you move to a witch-tech island and explore its picturesque open world on the back of your souped-up, motorized broom. Make deliveries to locals, trick your broom, and compete with your new friends (and crushes) in this cheerful, cozy, and realistic game.

Key Features

  • Help the locals – During the day you are a courier with a broom: you deliver packages, herd sheep and fix ley lines. Help the locals and learn about their endless struggles and dramas (as well as earn a little money). Plan your day by choosing your jobs and broom settings, and then get as much done as you can!
  • Update your pen – After you’ve earned some money, head to Bo’s workshop to upgrade your broomstick and make it yours! Replace parts to improve your broom’s handling, top speed, gliding ability, or load capacity (plus make it look incredibly cool). Place some Sigil stickers on it to enable special powers like Phase Shift and Time Rewind. The better your broom, the more jobs you can do and the more gossip you can discover.
  • Find (and flirt with) your friends – Play as Lu, a messy young adult, trying to discover himself. He meets a chaotic cast of characters, bickers, flirts, dates and discovers his family found in the island’s motor broom punk subculture.
  • Compete with your new friends – Bo and Aster got you on the broomsticks, now it’s time to race them! Use your personalized broom to challenge your new friends. Discover shortcuts on ancient ley lines, power wind turbines, and race through abandoned power plants in secret, rebellious races to impress your rival or your big crush.
  • Make your place at home – Move into your cousin’s sad, empty apartment and collect furniture from the locals to create a cozy new life on the island. The better your house is, the more activities you can do with your new friends. You can’t have a dinner with a table or a date without a sofa!

Watch the announcement trailer below.

Announce trailer

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