Star Wars Outlaws ‘Gameplay Showcase’, ‘Gameplay Overview’ Trailer and Screenshots

Publisher Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment have released a 10-minute gameplay sample, gameplay overview trailer, and new screenshots for Star Wars Outlaws.

Get the latest details below.

A new presentation video of the game for Star Wars Outlaws debuted in Ubisoft Forward, following up-and-coming scoundrel Kay Vess on a mission to Tatooine to find an expert gunslinger and convince him to help her hone her skills with a blaster. Also, a gameplay overview trailer for Star Wars Outlaws premiered, giving a look into Kay and Nix’s past, the high-risk jobs they can take on, and the different locations they can explore in the open world. Star Wars game.

New game presentation

In the new gameplay video, game director Mathias Karlson discusses one of Star Wars Outlaws‘Expert missions.

“One of your motivations for exploration is to find elusive experts spread across the galaxy who will help Kay gain new skills to survive in the underworld,” explains Karlson.

In the video, Kay gathers information about a gunman on Tatooine. As she travels through space from the asteroid field in Akiva’s orbit in her ship, the Trailblazer, we see her come to the aid of a Pyke Syndicate freighter that is under attack by pirate starfighters; The Pykes are grateful for her help and Kay’s reputation within the union grows and she may open up more opportunities with them in the future.

Once on Tatooine, Kay enters a planet where most of the economy is under the control of a different syndicate: the Hutt Cartel. She explores Mos Eisley, the legendary hive of scum and villainy, in search of the gunman. Karlson says creating Mos Eisley was a highlight for the development team: “Recreating this iconic city is a dream come true for our team, as it allows us to show off parts of Mos Eisley you’ve never seen before.”

Kay’s information leads to a Hutt Cartel warehouse located in the southern hills; Unfortunately, she has a bad reputation among the Hutts. She won’t just be let through the front door; She will have to infiltrate the area without setting off the alarm or risk a confrontation. Kay is successful and finds information about the gunman’s location, but she now needs to escape from him, which leads to a shootout before fleeing the scene. At the end of the video, Kay finally meets up with the expert gunslinger, Sheriff Quint.

Game Overview Trailer

The latest trailer of Star Wars Outlaws details what makes Kay an original scoundrel, the underworld environment, and the galaxy of opportunities that await him. Kay takes on high-risk, high-reward jobs to curry favor with the galaxy’s most notorious crime syndicates, including the ruthless Pyke Syndicate, the cunning and cunning Crimson Dawn, and others. The video above details more locations Kay will explore, including the jungle world of Akiva, the ancient city of Kijimi, and the savannah moon of Toshara. There are flashbacks to Kay’s past while she was growing up in Canto Bight, a flashback to her first meeting with Nix, and scenes of Kay stealing and stealing to survive.

Star Wars Outlaws will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC via Ubisoft Store August 30th.

Watch the trailer below. See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Game sample

Game Overview Trailer

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