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I’ve picked up a fair amount of loot, cargo, and junk while exploring the galaxy in Starfield. Some of my collection has proven useful, while others I’ve just sold off. However, using the right vendors is important to ensure I can get the best bang for my Credit and purchase the necessary items. Let’s take a look at the vendors you can find in Starfield whether you’re in New Atlantis, Neon, or somewhere else.

All Vendors in Starfield

This list is a work and progress, and will be updated as I find more vendors.

New Atlantis – Jemison

Jemison Mercantile – Resources

Jemison Mercantile is likely the first vendor you’ll encounter. It will be on the left as you head toward the city. You can purchase resources and miscellaneous goods from Amoli Bava here.

Trade Authority – Resources

The Trade Authority in New Atlantis can be found by taking the elevator down to The Well. Various resources and merchandise are available here. Zoe Kaminski is a Trade Authority vendor who is known to sell and buy almost anything.

Centaurian Arsenal – Weapons & Ammo

The Centaurian Arsenal is a vendor only selling weapons and ammo in New Atlantis’ Residential District. Anya Griffin does not sell armor like UC Surplus.

UC Surplus – Weapons & Armor

Take the elevator in New Atlantis to reach the Well. Antonia Bianchi at the UC Surplus sells a variety of weapons, ammo, and armor.

Outland – Weapons & Armor

Like UC Surplus, you can purchase ammo, weapons, armor, and more here. It is even right across the street from UC Surplus.

UC Distribution – General

UC Distribution does not specialize in one type of merchandise. It sells weapons, armor, resources, and more.

Reliant Medical – Medical Supplies

Dr. Alexei Lebedev is a medical supply vendor in New Atlantis near the Lodge. At Reliant Medical, players can purchase medical supplies, including health packs.

MedBay – Medical Supplies

Taking the elevator to the Well in New Atlantis allows players to reach Talia O’Shea in the MedBay. You can find this vendor near the bar and purchase medical supplies here.

EIT Clothiers – Apparel

Head to EIT Clothiers for your clothing and gear needs. You can outfit your character with a variety of clothes here.

Apex Electronics – Crafting

Apex Electronics sells miscellaneous items used in crafting. You can also find other items, but it primarily sells electrical items to be used at crafting tables.

Restaurants/Food Vendors

  • Cj’s – Residential District
  • Dawn’s Roost – Residential District
  • Chunks – Residential District
  • Terrabrew Coffee – Commercial District/Space Port
  • Whetstone – Commercial District
  • Jake’s Bar
  • Kay’s House

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Cydonia – Mars

Jane’s Goods – Resources

Players can purchase resources and general merchandise from Jane Weller at Jane’s Goods. You can find her shop in the Residential District by heading down the stairs to your left upon entering this area.

Trade Authority – Resources

The Trade Authority vendor in Cydonia is Manaaki Almonte. Like other Trade Authority merchants, he sells and buys a variety of items and supplies.

UC Exchange – General

UC Exchange is similar to Trade Authority, with a wide selection of items. They fare better in some selections but overall carry similar goods.

Reliant Medical – Medical Supplies

Another Reliant Medical can be found in Cydonia. Purchase your medical supplies here to restock life-saving items.

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Neon – Volii Alpha

Newill’s Goods – Resources

Newill’s Goods is named after James Newill, and players can find this vendor near the Freestar Rangers building in Neon Core. Various resources and general goods are available at this location.

Trade Authority – Resources

Kolman Lang runs the Trade Authority in Neon. For your one-stop shopping needs, visit this vendor when on Volii Alpha.

Neon Tactical – Weapons & Armor

Frank Renick is the vendor of Neon Tactical and sells weapons, ammo, and armor. You can also pick up a side mission by speaking to Frank.

Reliant Medical – Medical Supplies

Another Reliant Medical is located in Neon. Players can meet Dr. Joseph Manning and purchase medical supplies at this location.

Akila City – Akila

Rowland Arms – Weapons & Ammo

Located across the GalBank in Akila City, players can purchase weapons and ammo from Belle Rowland.

Midtown Minerals – Resources

Midtown Minerals is your resource vendor in Akila City. Alejandra Kane sells various supplies here and even has some on display. You can use stealth and tactical positioning to steal these if you wish.

Trade Authority – Resources

Once again, you can find a Trade Authority vendor in Akila City. Head toward GalBank and keep an eye out for the large yellow sign.

The Den – Space (Chtonia)

The Trade Authority aboard The Den is a vendor you’ll need to visit if you deal in contraband. Marcel Duris is happy to purchase illegal items and materials.

The Eye – Space (Alpha Centauri System)

Vladimir, the vendor aboard The Eye, is a great vendor to keep track of. He will purchase various items and pay a lot of Credits, more than most other vendors.

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