Stranded: Alien Dawn is a survival strategy game available from early access

The survival strategy game, Stranded: Alien Dawn, developed by Haemimont Games, has been officially released from Steam Early Access and is now available on ComputerAnd PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. In addition to the full version, the developers have provided a free update that includes new content, a new survivor character, and much more.

In the game Stranded: Alien Dawn, players must manage a group of survivors who have crash-landed on an alien planet. The game offers three distinct scenarios, each with unique narratives and challenges. Players must guide the survivors through various obstacles, such as limited resources and unknown dangers, in order to achieve their goals.

The game’s characters are an integral part of the player’s experience, with each survivor having a unique backstory and set of skills and traits that can both help and hinder their survival. Players must manage the physical and mental health of the survivors by providing necessities such as food, weapons, clothing, and medicine.

The environment, which ranges from lush and temperate to arid and scorching, also presents a variety of challenges. Players can further customize their gaming experience by choosing from a range of Moons, Difficulties, and Game Rules.

The full version of Stranded: Alien Dawn comes with a host of new content and improvements:

  • New Outpost scenario where players must establish a foothold in an unknown location and set up an Ansible Relay to enable interstellar communications.
  • Introducing a new survivor, Ember Griffin, a special operations commander with combat-oriented traits and skills.
  • Added 10 new achievements to unlock.
  • Translation into 10 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Moreover, the Outpost scenario comes with new technologies and resources to help players defend their base, such as Crafter Arrays, Food Crafters, Material Crafters, Mechanic Cores, and Ansible Relay.

The update also introduces new content that applies to all scenarios, including new resources such as Mech centers, new research and devices, the ability to build Mechs, sirens, carbon bunkers, force field barriers, beveled floodlights, search lights, and banners with custom text. You can read full details about the update here Official post on Steam.

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