The visual novel, Ghostpia Season One, is set to head out west on May 23

The picture book-style visual novel by the Japan-based video game developer, ShosuidoIt will finally be available in the West next month.

Chosuido ghostpia season one is a captivating visual novel that features colorful, book-like visuals inspired by nostalgia. A mysterious story follows Sayoko She searches for answers about the isolated town, which is surrounded by a vast desert of snow and suspended in an endless loop unable to adapt.

Ghostpia season one It was first released in Japan last month, on March 23, for the Nintendo Switch with both English and Japanese language support. A few days before its release in Japan, an indie publisher in the UK PQube announced their plans to publish ghostpia season one In the west. Today, PQube revealed that the game will be released in May 23rd for Nintendo Switch. Get a sneak peek at the exciting features of ghostpia season one In a new trailer from The official PQube YouTube channel:

As Chosuido described it, ghostpia season one It includes the elements of hard cuteness and sad violence. It is a vibrant visual novel full of shifting perspectives, pleasant sound effects that replace speech, and a linear storyline that immerses players in an experience different from typical visual novels.

Infographics ghostpia season one It is in a hand drawn picture book style. To fully immerse themselves in the nostalgic lo-fi aesthetic, players have the ability to transform Glitch effect or turn it off. Players can also rewind the game similar to the old VCR game.

In addition, ghostpia season one It features an unforgettable cast of characters each with quirky and unique personalities, full of quirks and slices of unexpectedly dark humor. Players will be on the edge of their seats as they deal with the twists and turns that unfold as Sayoko navigates the black hole of her memories. Sayoko is not one to shy away from dangerous situations and crime if it means getting what she or her friends need.

Ghostpia season one Quite reminiscent of the 2020 role-playing video game Omori. This is especially true of how it combines a charming hand-drawn visual style with a dark narrative. Unlike Aomori, ghostpia season oneBeing a visual novel, it mainly focuses on providing an interactive story experience.

You can follow PQube Twitter account to be updated when ghostpia season one The page is directly on the Nintendo Store.

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