Stray Gods: Role-playing musical DLC ‘Orpheus’ announced

Publisher Humble Games and developer Summerfall Studios have Announced Street Gods: The Role Playing Musical “Orpheus” downloadable content. It will start for PC via Steam on June 27 and for consoles “soon.”

Below is an overview of the downloadable content, via its steam page:

Starting over is hell.

If the Fates themselves have always written your story, what happens when you take up the pen?

Play as Orpheus in this new story to Street Gods: The Role Playing Musical! Orpheus’ story is arguably finished, until Hermes brings him back to the world of the living. With his help, you will guide Orfeo through the depths of making deadly decisions: who to date, what to expect, what instrument to rock with…

Starring Anthony Rapp (RENT, Star Trek: Discovery), Erika Ishii (Dimension 20, Worlds beyond numbers) and written by David Gaider, Street Gods: Orpheus is a feature-length comedy experience that history buffs, hopeless romantics, and rock stars alike can enjoy.

One more song!

Experience six new original songs, where every decision changes the song and the story. Composed by Austin Wintory, with lyrics by Simon Hall (Tripod), Montaigne (Jess Cerro) and new addition Tom Cardy (Red Flags, Artificial Intelligence), Street Gods: Orpheus It has hours of interactive music for you to explore again and again.

Write your own story!

When the curtain falls and the show ends, who do you go home with? Choose to reject, accept or rewrite the stories the world expects of you. Is the mortal world ready for the return of ancient Greece’s most infamous bard?

Street Gods: The Role Playing Musical is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam.

Watch a trailer below. See a set of screenshots in the gallery.

“Orpheus” DLC Announcement Trailer


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