Frontier Developments announces third Jurassic World game

Jurassic world evolution Studio Frontier Developments has signed a license with Universal Products & Experiences for a third party jurassic world game, company Announced. It will launch in Frontier Developments’ fiscal 2026 year, which runs from June 1, 2025 to May 31, 2026.

Both jurassic world and Jurassic World 2 They rank first and second, respectively, within Frontier Developments’ game portfolio in terms of revenue generated in the first two years. Jurassic world evolution It is also the company’s best-selling game to date.

“We are delighted to reveal that we are developing a third jurassic world game to expand our collaborative relationship with Universal Products & Experiences for our best-selling game franchise,” Frontier Developments CEO Jonny Watts said in a press release. “Our Jurassic world evolution The game franchise has demonstrated significant creative and technical expertise in CMS games and the strength of our selection, development, launch and nurturing strategy in the genre. “I look forward to providing more information about our exciting plans for the franchise in the future.”

It should be noted that this new title is only mentioned as a “third jurassic world game”, and not “a third Jurassic world evolution game” or “Jurassic World Evolution 3.”

Frontier Developments also said it plans to release one new creative management simulation game per year. Development of an unannounced creative management simulation based on proprietary intellectual property is currently on track for release in fiscal year 2025, which runs from June 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025, and is expect the title to be announced in the coming months. The third jurassic world The game will be the launch of next year’s creative management simulation game. And a third creative management simulation game is scheduled for release in fiscal year 2027, running from June 1, 2026 to May 31, 2027.

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