Super Fiesta is now available in Arena and custom games in Halo Infinite

in latest updateintroduced Halo Infinite Super Fiesta, an exciting new Arena game mode, to its suite of gameplay options. Super Fiesta was initially revealed in the BTB Unlimited playlist in March 2023, and is now accessible in both custom games and the newly renamed Super Fiesta match playlist. Just like the regular Fiesta mode, players receive a new random loadout with each respawn. However, Super Fiesta uniquely features weapon variants from the Halo Infinite Campaign, injecting new gameplay elements and a revamped combat experience into the Halo universe.

The extensive list of weapon variants includes, but is not limited to, the Rapidfire Pulse Carbine with its rapid interval firing mechanism, the Duelist Energy Sword designed to increase agility, and the Arcane Sentinel Beam, a Sentinel Beam with a reduced capacity but significantly increased damage. Other notable additions are the Elite Bloodblade, a proprietary version of Jega’s Energy Sword, the Stalker Rifle Ultra with an increased rate of fire, and the Riven Mangler which fires a split projectile.

Super Fiesta also features a range of modified weapons such as the M41 Tracker with improved lock-on capability, the revamped Volatile Skewer to fire an explosive spike, and the Ravager Rebound that fires ricocheting projectiles with multiple secondary explosions. Players can also wield weapons such as the Convergence Bulldog with a high-capacity magazine and the Pursuit Hydra with long-range efficiency.

Aside from an arsenal overhaul, players’ gear in Super Fiesta will include a random piece of fully upgraded gear from the Halo Infinite Campaign. These include Grappleshot which provides a shockwave blast, Threat Sensor with increased area coverage, Projection Wall which has more size and strength, and Thruster which provides an active camouflage effect for 4 seconds. Moreover, each return period will provide players with 2 shrapnel bombs.

It is important to note that all weapon racks, equipment platforms, and power weapon platforms are deactivated during Super Fiesta matches. This shift in gameplay parameters emphasizes the importance of random gear and adds an extra layer of strategy and unpredictability to every match.

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