System Shock Remake – Complete Research Floor Walkthrough


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The System Shock Remake is true to the original and won’t be giving you any hints for where to go. Your objective on each level might not be clear every time, and some floors will require you to backtrack a lot. Luckily, you can get basically everything on this floor in one go. This is everything you need from the Research floor to progress through the story of System Shock.

How to turn on the power to all Quadrants on the Research Floor in System Shock Remake

The first thing you’ll be needing to do on the Research floor is turn on the power. To do this, you’ll be heading to the Alpha Quadrant where you’ll find a bunch of switches to the power. Only one of them is off and powering it on will let you open the Beta Quadrant’s doors. Before moving on, you’ll be wanting to get the Engineering Access Card. This is actually tied to a Junction Puzzle on the Research floor and will let you access a few additional doors.

Where to find the Science Access Card in System Shock Remake

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You’ll be needing the Science Access card to progress through the Research floor to blow up the computer nodes and get the X-22 Isotope. This is found in the Beta Quadrant after going down the hallway, to the right, and through Admin Security. Two cards will be available on a corpse and on the counter inside. From there, you’ll be heading to Gamma.

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How to get the X 22 Isotope in System Shock Remake and blow up the Computer Nodes

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Using the Science Card in Gamma, you’ll be opening the path to the elevator as well as a few additional rooms. On the far left are more Junction puzzles that are tied to stopping the production of robots, and on the right is a radioactive room. Inside the room and to the right is the door leading to where the X-22 Isotope is located. It’ll take up an inventory slot, but you can always store it away in one of the cargo lifts.

To the left of the entrance to Gamma is the Computer Room where you’ll be needing to destroy the four Computer Nodes inside. Underneath the area is also the Group 3 Access Card, and is a great place to hide when SHODAN calls a group of enemies to stop you.

Once you’ve collected everything, you’ll just have to leave from the elevator. The Cyberspace modules near the elevator can be accessed at any time, but you can take care of them right away before moving on. Then it’s onto different floor to destroy more Computer Nodes!

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