The Cities: Skylines trailer features the new Brooklyn & Queens content pack

Interactive paradox Classic city builder Cities: Skylines has just released another trailer for the Creator’s Pack, this time featuring Brooklyn and Queens DLC. The package will include a set of over 60 buildable residential buildings, and props for decorating.

along with Hotels and retreats DLC and Railways in Japan Creator Pack, coming Brooklyn and Queens The content pack will be available on May 23, 2023. You can watch a full trailer for the new DLC at Cities: Skylines YouTube channel:

Today’s teaser for Brooklyn and Queens Much like the previous Creator’s Pack trailer. Both keep gameplay and cinematics under a minute, but still reveal more than enough to illustrate the new textures and spirit of the theme.

These apartment buildings may not be the most colorful additions to the game, but they certainly have a flavor unique to the area. Detailed minimalism should make the area feel home and its residents even better.

Also, the variety of props provide some very fun ways to help make each building stand out. There’s a casual, everyday style to this DLC that makes it look really realistic.

Today’s teaser highlighted a cat in the window, which should be more than enough for cat owners. But it’s also just one of the slice-of-life additions that will define this Creators Pack. For example, the creator package administrator Steam page It is stated that players will be able to add rental banners and window air conditioners.

Designed by Prosper, Brooklyn and Queens The DLC may not break much new ground, but it feels like every bit as specific Railways in Japan To create a satisfying sense of authenticity and personality.

that industrial Revolution The Creator’s Pack trailer is expected next week Cities: Skylines DLC teasers have been released weekly since it was announced with Hotels and retreats tractor.

You can read more about Cities: SkylinesParadox Interactive and other new DLC announcements by checking out the rest of our news section.

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