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Free multiplayer first person shooter THE FINALS is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC through SteamEmbark Studios announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Embark Studios:


Do you have what it takes?

Viewers at home, here’s the news you’ve been waiting to hear: THE ENDINGS is accepting new contestants, and that means YOU! That’s right, soon the world could see YOU tearing up our newest dynamic arenas and earning eternal fame!

How do you know, THE ENDINGS It’s the best free combat game show in the world! Our contestants connect to our virtual world and join teams in growing tournaments. They fight in our beautiful arenas based on real-world locations that they can alter, exploit and even destroy.

Sure, you can point and shoot, but contestants who add our carefully curated virtual environments to their arsenal are more likely to advance, so do anything you can imagine in the name of victory! Burn sands to the ground! Send wrecking balls crashing into your opponents! Don’t just pull the trigger – take down buildings!

The world is watching

THE FINALS thrives on spectacle, so drive your fans crazy with exciting combat and your personal style as you compete for global fame and the support of our demanding and stylish sponsors.

  • Play your way – Whether sneaking up on enemy squads with a katana in hand or uprooting an entire building from underfoot with explosives, THE ENDINGS It allows you to make the call! With different abilities based on body build and a wide range of weapons and gadgets, you’ll have all the tools to make your playstyle your own!
  • The world is your weapon (and enemy) – A skilled contender can fire away with their weapons, but with environmental destruction in your arsenal, that’s just the beginning of what you can use against your enemies! All of our sands can be altered, used or reduced to rubble, and not just you.
  • Your rising star – Ready for your approach? Highlighting in THE FINALS It means the eyes of the world will be on you, so you better look your best! Gather fans and fame as you create a unique avatar with the help of our generous sponsors and dazzling customization options!

become famous

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Arenas based on iconic locations, unparalleled destruction, and endless tactical possibilities await. Make them yours and the floodgates of fame will open. Your competition will have the same opportunities, so it will be up to you to be smarter and get noticed. Are you up for the challenge? Are you the next star in the world?

Can you reach? THE FINALS?

Watch the launch trailer below.

Season 1: December 2023

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