The latest trailer for Loop8: Summer of Gods reveals the first boss battle


Ahead of its imminent release in June, XSEED Games Reveal more details about the role-playing game it developed Great gamesAnd Loop8: Summer of the Gods.

Today, XSEED Games made a detailed introduction to Loop8: Summer of the Gods in a new trailer. The video picks up a few days after the start of the story where players will encounter the first boss, Kokonochi. Take a look at Loop8: Summer of Gods – gameplay walkthrough, courtesy of The official Youtube channel of XSEED Games:

in Loop8: Summer of the GodsPlayers will take on a role Nenea new arrival in rural Japan in the 1980s where supernatural entities were called, kejayControl innocent people using their negative emotions. Players must develop their relationships, assemble a team, and fight a boss to save Kegai’s victims. Unlike most RPGs, the characters in Episode 8 Not up to standard. Instead, the players’ power is determined by the relationships they form as the main character.

As revealed in the new trailer, there are three relationship ratings in Episode 8Friendship, affection and hate. Talking to a character and making suggestions will increase or decrease those scores for that character. Each character has unique scores for each rating. These results can have a direct impact on dialogue and combat.

Episode 8 Advantages Emotional artificial intelligence, which have their own emotions and desires that are affected by the choices players make. With dynamic AI behavior, each game becomes its own unique experience. Players can use Nini’s “Demon Sight” to perceive the AI’s actions, moods, and desires. Both the mood of the AI ​​and the general atmosphere will affect the success rate of the player’s suggestions.

After forming a team, players can travel to the underworld, Yomotsu Hirasaka, to rescue the character Kegai is possessing. In the underworld, players must pass trials and collect magatamas, which are needed to break through the barrier separating them from the boss. The content and locations of trials are random, and may test a team’s cumulative stats, lead to combat, or deplete health and energy.

Loop8: Summer of the Gods It is scheduled to be released on June 6th for the Nintendo Switch. Playstation 4Xbox One and PC via steam. Pre-orders are also available at XSEEDgames website.


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