Trinity Fusion releases its first post-launch update and patch notes


Trinity Fusiona new sci-fi roguelite platformer from developer and publisher Angry mob games, just rolled out a new Early Access patch today. The update includes bug fixes and “major changes” to The Outskirts and Boss Rush mode from beta.

Trinity Fusion It launched in Early Access last week on April 13, 2023. It’s available on PC now, but it’s still expected to launch on PlayStation and Xbox later. Here’s the update announcement from Trinity Fusion The official Twitter feed, which includes a link to the full patch notes:

Trinity Fusion It centers around a multiverse story that informs environments, characters, and enemies in depth in interesting ways.

Although some may be tired of the multiverse concept, which has been prevalent in everything from the MCU and DCEU to MultiVersusAnd Trinity Fusion Really captures the tragedy of the premise. It also takes the time to explore the more exotic possibilities of its universe, and the mechanics are cleverly used to make each universe feel truly connected.

This indie game platform has been largely ignored, with only a handful of reviews to its name on Steam, which is unfortunate. The visuals are very neat and modern and the admin roadmap Steam page It proves that the developers are dedicated to adding more content.

Today’s update mostly includes some minor and traditional changes like bug fixes and balancing. However, Boss Rush is a welcome addition that really suits speed and combat Trinity Fusion. The bosses are kind of a highlight, and should be fun to revisit after you’ve mastered the game.

The Outskirts also got an overhaul, making it easier and faster to play, and it would be nice to see that in other areas too. It’s definitely a step in the right direction and proves that the developers really listen to their fans.

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