The Street Fighter 6 beta is now available


The Street Fighter 6 demo is now available Available for download on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, offering players a glimpse of innovative game features and new additions. The full game, set for release on June 2nd, includes an immersive world tour, where players can create custom avatars to embark on a single-player story mode. The latest location revealed in the World Tour is Nayshall, a developing country hidden in a remote part of Asia.

On a world tour, players will encounter all 18 legendary fighters from Street Fighter 6’s roster. Traveling around the world using airline tickets, players can find and score on each fighter’s style, learn their special moves and build personal relationships with masters. The game mode also includes RPG elements, allowing players to consume items and food for various effects, as well as earn skill points to customize the avatar.

Street fighter 6 year 1 character portrait
Image: Capcom

Players can also participate in custom avatar battles in the Battle Hub, where they can create clubs with like-minded individuals and design unique club emblems and uniforms. Additionally, Street Fighter 6 introduces the Battle Damage Feature, which shows characters sweating and developing visible injuries as battles progress. This feature, which is only available in certain offline modes, can be turned off in Settings if desired.

Accessibility is a major focus in Street Fighter 6, with improved sound effects to provide additional information during fights. The game also offers a host of introductory tools for players of all skill levels, including tutorials, character guides, and a new dynamic control type. Arcade mode, Team Battle, and Extreme Battle offer a variety of game modes for players to enjoy.

Ranked matches are making a comeback, with new features to reduce the fear of losing a match and encourage online play. Street Fighter 6 Year 1 will also see the addition of four new characters to the roster: Rashid, AKI, Ed and the legendary Akuma.

The Street Fighter 6 demo, available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, offers a taste of the game’s full features, including a world tour experience and key tutorials on battle mechanics. Custom avatars created in the demo can be carried over to the full game upon release. Players can pre-order Street Fighter 6 to receive exclusive rewards and prepare for the exciting new experience that awaits them.


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