The time-traveling detective game, Crime O’Clock, is set to release on June 30th on Switch and PC

Crime O’Clock, a time-lapse investigation and exploration game, is scheduled for release on June 30, 2023 for both Switch and Computer platforms. The game features a deep and multi-age story, and challenges players to solve cases across time and evolving maps. As a chronological detective, your goal is to prevent crimes that were never meant to happen by paying attention and unraveling puzzles together.

Each era in Crime O’Clock comes with a huge zoomable map that acts as an arena for fights and evidence discovery. Players will visit and use multiple timelines to solve a wide range of issues, including hacking, murder, and theft. As cases are solved, the map evolves, unlocking new adventures and revealing a pattern of strange events that unfold throughout history.

The game challenges players to determine the force behind these temporal disturbances, using deductive methods to connect the missing pieces. Crime O’Clock is a point-and-click game that relies on players’ cognitive skills to unravel the complex web of time-shifting crimes.

To assist in the investigation, players will be accompanied by EVE, an advanced artificial intelligence system that provides guidance and tools. Throughout the game, players will alternate between deductive sessions, action mechanics, and puzzles, while also upgrading EVE systems and unlocking new features.

Crime O’Clock takes players through five different ages: the steampunk age, full of automated machines, innovative gadgets, and gothic puzzles; the Atlantean Age, in which magical crystals further a utopian civilization; The Information Age, based on the real Milan, Italy, showcasing iconic landmarks such as the Duomo di Milano and Castello Sforzesco; The Lost Age, where the sands of time hide mysterious wonders; and Aeon Age, a futuristic world of bright lights, powerful corporations, and underground high-tech struggles.

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