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Picture Peaceful Choices for Broken Roads
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Broken Roads developers have it announce Introducing pacifist gameplay to the narrative-driven RPG, making it possible for players to complete the game without any fighting or killing. However, this feature will only be available for certain character builds and will depend heavily on choices made throughout the game.

The option to navigate through the game as a pacifist adds a layer of complexity to Broken Roads. Players aiming for peaceful play will need to carefully consider their decisions and the possible consequences. They will need to gauge their comrades’ reactions to their choices and understand the interests of the different people and factions they encounter. The type of mission decisions they pursue will greatly affect the outcome of the game. For example, accepting a mercenary job or antagonizing everyone is likely to lead to violent repercussions, which would not be good for practicing pacifism.

In addition to announcing peaceful gameplay, the developers have also confirmed the languages ​​that Broken Roads will be localized to at launch for non-English speaking players. The initial list includes Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and (Latin American) Spanish. The team will evaluate adding more languages ​​after launch, depending on the demand in different regions.


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