Turn-based strategy and base-building game Don’t Kill Them All announced for consoles and PC

Ship of fools Developer Fika Productions has announced Don’t kill them alla turn-based strategy and base-building game coming to unspecified consoles and PC via Steam in 2026. A Boot campaign It is currently active with a funding goal of 100,000 Canadian dollars.

“We are very excited to announce our emotionally attuned Orcs to the world,” said Fika Productions producer and co-founder Antoine Gregoire-Slight in a press release. “Never before have these creatures learned so deeply about sensitivity, camaraderie and sustainability.Don’t kill them all is treading new ground in the Orcs compendium.”

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:


Don’t kill them all is a turn-based strategy and base-building game where you teach Orcs to develop mindfulness by discovering passions, navigating emotions, and developing healthy relationships.

The orcs are ruined!

The skulls pile up, but the coffers are empty. Blinded by their constant destructive impulses, the Orcs leave nothing in their wake. A simple raid in search of timber resources quickly turns into a massacre and clear-cutting. Something has to change, and fast.

You take on the role of a self-proclaimed Life Coach with an extraordinary solution:

As a half-orc raised by elves, your goal is to help the orcs out of their difficult situation. They are family, after all!

Conscious tactical combat

Strategize and fight in turn-based and grid-based encounters to maximize resource gathering while ensuring your Orcs return home healthy and motivated.

Restraint is not easy for an Orc. When you attack, you can end up damaging the very resources you’re looking to collect or the creatures you’re trying to protect. The orcs’ listening skills aren’t the best either – you can only give a limited number of commands before running out of energy, so choose your moves sparingly!

Building foundations with a lot of heart

Pamper your Orcs by building structures, amenities, and decorations so they can discover new hobbies that are sure to become useful passions!

The camp is where the heart of Orco is. It’s a space for your orcs to embrace their passions and foster their well-being, whether doing yoga, baking, raising animals, or putting on a magic show. It is also, of course, a place for a good fight!

Plan your trip

To gather valuable resources, lead your Orcs on daring raids! Choose your party to explore procedurally generated environments filled with strange creatures, shiny loot, and intriguing mysteries.

Those who stay will enjoy participating in self-care activities and, as a result, maintain the conscious stability of their camp.

Passion is power

Get to know and bond with your Orcs, discover what motivates them, and help them become the beautiful flowers they were always meant to be.

Your Orcs will express interest in different activities and hobbies. If put into practice, these interests can become passions that offer unique ways to engage and interact with the world.

Watch the announcement trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery. Visit the official website here.

Announce trailer

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