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Warframe is back and better than ever with a gigantic new release, the Duviri Paradox. An ever-popular first-person shooter game with a cult following, Warframe has stoically stood to the test of time and trials every live service game must go through. With its small but hard-working studio pouring its heart and soul into this game, we have been given an update so big we might as well call it a whole new game! Here is the complete list of bug fixes and tweaks.

Warframe Update 33 Patch Notes: The Duviri Paradox – April 26, 2023

Duviri is here! The precise where and when has been hard to pinpoint, but Drifter’s time in Duviri is finally becoming clear. Start The Duviri Paradox Quest to experience a never-ending spiral  of life, death, and rebirth at the hands of Dominus Thrax. All Tenno, including those brand new to Warframe, will be able to dive into The Duviri Paradox straight away. After quest completion, there are three Game Modes for experiencing Duviri:

  • THE CIRCUIT: Focused on Warframe combat within the Undercroft, The Circuit revolves around endless gameplay objectives in the Undercroft with rotating weekly rewards. Pick your difficulty and reward track, complete rounds to fill out the track, and claim rewards such as new Arcanes, Incarnon Genesis, or even blueprints to build an entire Warframe! 
  • THE DUVIRI EXPERIENCE: Duviri as it is meant to be played – the Open Landscape experience with a Spiral story, side activities, and open exploration. This game mode  allows a Tenno to experience everything that Duviri has to offer.
  • THE LONE STORY: A streamlined version of Duviri with only the Spiral story for Tenno looking to face the Orowyrm’s fury as fast as possible. 

When exploring Duviri’s mind-bending reality, you can expect to encounter:

  • SPIRALS: Duviri is at the whim of Dominus Thrax’ Spiral, with each Spiral featuring its own story, unique threats, and changing environment for the citizens of Duviri.
  • DECREES: Specialized Drifter and Warframe upgrades unique to each Duviri visit. Completing activities in Duviri grants a choice between randomized upgrades, improving your chances against the challenges found in Duviri and The Undercroft. 
  • DRIFTER MELEE: Drifter has taken up melee weapons to fight back. Block incoming attacks to parry for a quick strike, or take Dax down hard with a Power Strike. 
  • THE UNDERCROFT: The Undercroft hosts familiar warriors of various origins, rewriting Duviri’s rules to allow Warframe combat. 
  • DRIFTER INTRINSICS: Enhance the Drifter within Duviri with permanent upgrades aimed to improve Combat, Riding, Opportunity, and Endurance.
  • KAITHE: A customizable mount able to carry you above, below, and through the many islands of Duviri.
  • SIDE ACTIVITIES: Duviri has significantly more to experience, including new enemies, Orowyrm boss fights, plus a wealth of side activities including Maw Feeding, Shawzin playing, Komi, with many others to find!  

The Duviri Paradox update comes with far more to discover beyond the bounds of Dominus Thrax’ imagined reality. There are new Incarnon Geneses, Arcanes, and Cosmetics which can all be used across Warframe: 

  • INCARNON GENESES: Imbue your weapons with the power of the Void, unlocking specialized upgrades. Masters of the Steel Path Circuit can earn these to breathe new power into a pool of old favorites. 
  • NEW MELEE WEAPONS: Drifters and Warframes alike can use five new Melee Weapons coming with Duviri! Take down the Orowyrm to earn Pathos Clamps and use them to unlock these new Weapons and their Blueprints.
  • NEW DELUXE SKINS & CUSTOMIZATIONS: Community artist concepts turned into reality, the Baruuk Doan and Wisp Somnium Collections are here! Look out for new Drifter Transference Suits, Drifter facial hair, and Visage Inks available on the Market for Platinum.

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Duviri needs you, Drifter. Dominus Thrax controls the Spiral and only you can break the cycle. Each new Spiral is a chance to discover the power you hold and bring change – bring color – to Duviri. Challenge Dominus Thrax and earn your escape from this endless cycle. 

The Duviri Paradox is available to every Tenno, whether they’ve been playing for 10 years or are just starting today. 

It’s time to enter Duviri and break the never-ending spiral!

The Duviri Paradox is a Mainline Update, meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of Citrine’s Last Wish earlier this year is in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released). It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things can slip through the cracks so we will be looking at reports here for any fixes and changes for follow-up Hotfixes to come. 

Thank you as always for your detailed bug reports and constructive feedback!

The total download size on PC is ~4.16 GB. 

A dedicated update subforums is available for all of your feedback and bug reporting: 

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We highly encourage you to read the full patch notes to learn all you can about The Duviri Paradox! But if you are looking for a specific topic, simply CTRL+F the following keywords to jump to its dedicated section (expand spoilers for full list): 


  • New Players, Choose Your Path 
  • The Duviri Paradox Quest
  • Enter Duviri 
  • The Duviri Experience
  • The Lone Story
  • The Circuit
  • Teshin’s Cave 
  • Select Loadout
  • Drifter Intrinsics
  • Select Drifter Melee Weapon
  • Drifter Combat 
  • Customize Drifter
  • Customize Kaithe
    • Kaithe In-Game Market Packs
  • The Spirals
    • The Spiral Tales
    • Decrees
    • The Undercroft
    • The Orowyrm 
  • Kaithe Mount
    • Kaithe Controls 
    • Kaithe Abilities
  • Side Objectives
    • Maw Feeding
    • Conservation
    • Shawzin Playing 
    • Enigmas
    • Hidden Chests
    • Play Komi
    • Kaithe Racing
    • Tamm Herding
    • Rescue Prisoners
    • Assemble The Shrines
    • Reconnect The Power Lines
  • Explore The Duviri Landscape
    • Map Locations 
    • Duviri Enemies
    • Materliths
    • Duviri Resources
  • Duviri On The Steel Path
  • The Dormizone – A Passage Unlocked
  • The Lost Islands Of Duviri Fragments
  • The Duviri Vendor: Acrithis 
  • New Arcanes
  • New Gamemode: The Circuit
    • The Gameplay
    • Choose Your Reward Path
    • Steel Path Circuit 
  • Incarnon Genesis 
  • New In-Game Market Items & Bundles
  • New Dojo Room And Decorations
  • New Dojo Pigments 
  • Bishamo Hawk & Lark Armor Sets 
  • New Sound Ambience System 
  • Enhanced Graphics Engine New Default On PC
  • PC Supported Specs Change 
  • Additions 
  • Changes
  • Optimizations
  • Fixes 

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