Wartales – Full Vertruse Province Region Map & Locations Guide


Once you’ve explored the stories in Tiltren County in Wartales, it’s time to take your Border Pass to one of the border crossings and continue your adventures. You have two options, both offering up challenges that will cover you as work your way up from level four to six. I left Vertruse Province until after I’d mostly explored the Arthes Region, but still found parts of it tricky when I finally arrived with mostly level six companions. If you’re looking for something specific in the area, read on for my full Vertruse Province region map which also has some location guides where you may need them.

Full detailed Vertruse region maps – Wartales

If you’re playing on Experienced difficulty and in Region-locked Exploration mode, you’ll find all the enemies you’ll face in Vertruse are between levels four and six. The animals and many of the fighter types you’ll meet are the same, but there are a few surprises.

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I found Zealots particularly tough at first, so you may want to save battles including fanatics until last. They retaliate to every hit from an engaged enemy, hard, so it’s best to engage and then block while taking them down with rangers or ranged attacks. I really enjoyed the story here too, although it has you running all around the map.

All locations in Vertruse Province

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  1. Drombach Border Crossing: Gives access to the Drombach County Region (levels 9+), either costing 200 Krowns or a Border Pass.
  2. Vertruse Tomb: Once complete, you’ll be able to research and gain a Legendary Weapon titled Nepti’s Axe (one-handed axe).
  3. Workers Union: Iron mine and quest location.
  4. Old Manor: Final (second) quest location for The Missing Apothecary. I found this to be one of the toughest battles in the region.
  5. Brownrock Mine: Iron mine and quest location.
  6. Tracker’s Camp: Quest location, plus blueprints including three armor layers (Hunter’s Reinforced, Tracker’s Reinforced, Layer of the Rat).
  7. Alazar Abode: Scenario quest location.
  8. Brownrock Town: Just a Blacksmith and an Inn.
  9. Rat Infestation: Bounty reward.
  10. Vertrusian Stables: Quest location.
  11. Sentinel Tower: Quest location and bandit lair.
  12. Flooded Mine: Iron mine, quest location, and bandit battle.
  13. Saint Lenaid’s Abbey: Quest location.
  14. Juggler’s Camp: Quest location. You’ll find their lost wolf, Buddy, on the beach north of Mermant’s Fishery (27).
  15. Master Gerolt’s Drapery: Delivery location for the An Exquisite Tent quest at the Slave Camp (30).
  16. Vertrusian Jail: Companions for no Influence, plus criminal drop-off location. You can also get the Stocks camp recipe here, which stops a prisoner from escaping from your camp.
  17. Dark Cave: Investigate inside the jail cell (16) to gain access to this area and quest.
  18. Loop Vineyard: quest location.
  19. Johan Molen’s Vineyard: Quest location.
  20. Winfel Estate: Quest location.
  21. Rat Infestation: Bounty reward. You’ll also find a rough patch of ground just northeast of it where you can dig up the missing chest required for the Krown Appropriation quest from the Town Hall in Marheim (23).
  22. Marheim Castle: Quest location and Blacksmith.
  23. Marheim: All the standard town locations can be found here. Be sure to seek out the trapdoor in the Market for the A Strange Smell Quest. The Missing Apothecary quest also starts here.
  24. Old Sawmill: Quest location.
  25. Gosenberg Border Crossing: You do not need to pay to cross this border. However, this gives access to the Grinmere Region which has mobs up to level eight.
  26. Smot’s Arena: Beating the champion here will reward you with a Legendary Weapon named Viper (a dagger).  
  27. Mermant’s Fishery: Fishing and quest location.
  28. Brotherhood Training Grounds: Skill books, respecs, and Legendary Weapon upgrades.
  29. Bandit’s Lair: A tough fight until you’ve cleared out the other local bandits. Worth it though, as it’s where you can loot the Salt Scoop tinker recipe.
  30. Slave Camp: Investigate one of the tents here to start the Exquisite Tent quest linked to Master Gerolt’s Drapery (15).
  31. Vertrusian Windmill: Return here after completing Smot’s Arena (26) to learn the Assassin specialization for the Ranger class.
  32. Gosenberg Border Crossing: The easiest way to return to Tiltern County.
  33. Harag Border Crossing: This border crossing gives access to the Ludern Region for either 200 Krowns or a Border Pass. Ludern has mobs around levels seven to eight, and I recommend visiting it once you’re done with both Vertruse Province and the County of Arthes.
  34. Colonel Alexa Grathan: This is the boss battle for Vertruse Province. You’ll need to use a Piton to get to this location, either down from the Rat Infestation or Brownrock Mine. Defeating her will reward you with two Legendary Items, Splitter (two-handed axe) and Alexa’s Hamata (medium armor).

If something changes, do let us know in the comments below so we can update the guide. At the time of writing, the game was still having content added through regular patches.

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