Wayfinder will continue as a paid co-op title and will be re-released in early access on June 11 for PC

Airship Syndicate will release the “Echoes” update for the early access version of path finder on PC (Steam) on May 31, which removes the game’s online requirements and makes it a single-player game with optional cooperative play, followed by a full release on June 11 that coincides with the game’s resumption of sales at $24 .99, the developer said. Announced.

The “Echoes” update will continue for the PlayStation 5 version of path finder Early Access this summer, and the game will leave Early Access and launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC with a price increase this fall. Support for the PlayStation 4 version, which is currently in early access alongside PlayStation 5 and PC, will be discontinued, and all users who own the PlayStation 4 version will receive access to the PlayStation 5 version.

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Elimination of online requirements

path finder will remove all online requirements and will be a single-player game with optional three-player cooperative play. No queues, no login, no accounts. You can choose to play solo on your Steam Deck while on the go or engage in peer-to-peer co-op with friends from your home PC.

We realize this is a big change, but necessary to ensure the game exists forever. This also means that all progress will not transfer over because the saves are local and not on a server. This important change will be the basis of what we call path finder“Echoes” update.

One price, no microtransactions

Removing the online requirement wasn’t our only major change. The industry has also changed in recent years. With more and more games coming out, everyone is fighting for players’ time and attention. Players have more to play than ever before and are required to log into multiple games to check their daily quests, view store rotation, and receive content drip-dried. Gamers today are more likely to outright purchase a game that they know is packed with content and also respects their time.

In the “Echoes” update, we will charge one price: $24.99 USD during Early Access (which will increase as it is fully released). No microtransactions or in-game purchases, just one price. Founders who have already purchased the game will have access and all exclusive items included in each pack. Our Founder’s Packs will no longer be on sale. For anyone who has supported us by purchasing Runesilver in-game, we’ve turned that Runesilver into a new in-game currency used to purchase exclusive cosmetics.

Major game changes

However, these are not the only changes. We’ve touched every major system in the game, and as a result, not only is the gameplay more refined, but through our various tests with people outside the studio, the game runs better than before.

Some of these changes include all weapons becoming random drops with multiple slots, armor now having stats and being collectible, thousands of cosmetics and housing items available to collect, removal of the grind for obtaining new characters, simplified requirements to awaken characters, greater housing. item limits, adding four difficulties to choose from, incorporating traditional RPG talents into your progression, and much more.

This update will also be released with the latest path finder: Grendel, as well as new Hunts and a new Overlands zone (three times larger than the previous one!) that is packed with content and points of interest.

When can I play?

While we have much more to share about these changes in the coming weeks, we have always felt that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, we will do a soft launch path finder “Echoes” changes on May 31. From that point on, all online requirements tied to Steam, including all player data, will be removed and the game will be available to anyone who currently owns any version of path finder in steam.

path finder will be available for purchase again on Steam in early access on June 11. These changes are coming to PlayStation 5 later this year and we’ll keep players updated once we have a concrete timeline.

Support for PlayStation 4 will be discontinued and all versions of PlayStation 4 will be upgraded to PlayStation 5 at no additional cost. In the meantime, PlayStation 4 and 5 players can continue to access the game as normal.

Relaunching Early Access on a single platform also allows us to be agile and make changes at a faster pace than before. We plan to leave Early Access later in 2024, but during that time we will add gameplay improvements based on feedback, a new Wayfinder, a new location to explore, new expanded housing, and more.

We are also formally announcing that path finder It’s coming to Xbox Series X|S during Early Access and we’ll provide an update on the timeline later this year.

The road ahead

We know that the road to get here has not been easy and that the game has had a difficult past. We also know that this was not the original game we imagined or that our fans accepted. When faced with the reality of where we are, we saw that our options were to shut down the game completely like other online games have done before or make this pivot and release the “Echoes” update. During this process, we quickly realized that we were creating a superior game for current and future players. We would love to support path finder during years. We have ideas for additional characters and new content, and we intend to do so if players demand it and path finder Find a new audience.

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