What is wrong with Roblox today? (May 15, 2023)


If you’re reading this article, chances are the Roblox app or website isn’t working for you right now and you’re wondering why—is this an internal issue with your PC or phone, or is Roblox experiencing a global server outage that’s out of your control? More often than not, the latter is the culprit, meaning that it’s up to the tech wizards at Roblox to find the disruption and fix it as soon as possible. Even with this knowledge, however, you may still be wondering what exactly happened at Roblox HQ today (May 15, 2023), and when it’s going to be fixed.

Current Roblox Status

UPDATE: Roblox appears to down as of May, 15, 2023 at 1:30pm CT – Error Code 529 – Players are experiencing an error when attempting to join games

How to fix Roblox

In most cases, Roblox errors cannot be fixed by the user, and are rather left in the capable hands of Roblox developers. If you’re ever wondering how widespread the issue, bug, or glitch you’re facing is, we’d recommend checking social media (specifically Twitter) and the official Roblox status website. This website updates automatically and will offer the most up-to-date information on any issues Roblox is currently facing.

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If the number of error reports drops and you still have trouble getting into Roblox, we recommend contacting Roblox Tech support to report a problem or seek help.

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