How to fix Roblox Error 769

After years (and years) of exploring the Roblox platform, I of all people know that it’s no stranger to errors, bugs, and glitches, but that doesn’t make experiencing them any less annoying—especially when they’re ones that I don’t even understand! When I try to search around on Google, I can’t find any straight-forward information on the error code 729, so what does it mean, and how do I fix it? Don’t worry, these questions, and more, are answered in the brief guide below.

What is error code 769 on Roblox and how to fix?

After researching across the internet, it seems error code 769 is a bit of an enigma—it occurs for many different reasons and doesn’t seem to have one specific fix. From your everyday server connection issues, to rumors of virus-infected files hacking into computers, error code 769 (or the failure to teleport error) has left many players stumped, including me. With that being said, however, I’ve compiled all the information I could find in the bullet points below. Hopefully something I list can be helpful to you!

  • In my research, it seems most people credit error code 769 to an administrative issue, which means the admin settings on an individual’s computer may be the culprit. In some cases, admin settings (or privileges) can become glitched or reset while playing a game, or even just using your computer. When this happens, the computer will think it doesn’t have permission to complete certain tasks, such as launch Roblox or process some of its internal commands, which will eventually cause errors later down the pipeline.
    • To fix this, access your Roblox app from your files or finder and specify its privilege level to run as an administrator. If this doesn’t work, try deleting and reinstalling the Roblox app from your PC and then doing the same thing.

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  • Another common reason that people use to explain why the 769 error code appears is related to Roblox itself. If a game is experiencing internal bugs or glitches within a server, its teleportation abilities won’t work, causing the 769 error to appear. When this happens, there’s nothing the player can do—the issue must be fixed by the developer in Roblox studio.
  • The third and final most common reason for this error was credited to faulty internet connections on the side of the player. If you join an experience that uses multiple servers for its locations (for example, My Hello Kitty Cafe uses one server for Cafe Town and another server for The City), traveling between these servers can become messy without a secure and reliable internet connection. If your connectivity fails or falls out while traveling/teleporting between in-game locations (server hops) you may receive error code 720, “Teleport failed due to an unexpected error.”


As mentioned above, error code 769 can randomly appear for many reasons, but is typically associated with the issues highlighted above. If you receive this error code consistently, and the reasons for receiving said code don’t apply to you, you may need to contact Roblox support directly and explain your situation.

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