What to do with Harvested Organs in Starfield

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In Starfield, players will find various contraband items from different sources that can be sold for a lot of Credits. Acquiring and selling contrabands might seem simple but it can be a tricky task. Harvested Organs are one of the contrabands, and these are illegal goods that should not be in your possession while entering a planet. There is always a way to go undetected and smuggle contraband, and here’s how you can sell items like Harvested Organs in Starfield.

Where to sell Harvested Organs and other Contraband in Starfield

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In Starfield, players will find many Contraband items like the Harvested Organs, Stolen Artwork, Aurora, and certain illicit goods during their exploration. There is a way you can sell them to fetch a lot of Credits. To sell the Harvested Organs or any other contraband, visit the Trade Authority building located on various planets across the galaxy. The best location to do this is The Den in the Wolf System. This is close to the Alpha Centauri System, and it doesn’t scan your ship for contraband.

Before entering the orbit of any planet, your spaceship will be checked by the space authorities of different factions such as the UC Security, or Freestar Collective. If you have contraband on the ship, the scanner detects it immediately. Upon detection, you will be forced to pay a bounty and have to give up these contrabands. Just because Contraband is illegal, does not mean it cannot be smuggled inside a planet.

How to travel with Harvested Organs and other Contraband in Starfield

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Contrabands are recognized with a yellow icon and can be easily stolen from enemy hideouts, pirate ships, or enemy outposts. To smuggle contraband while going undetected by the authorities, players need to attach a Scan Jammer or Shielded Cargo to their spaceship. To get Shielded Cargo, visit the vendor, Lon Anderssen at The Red Mile located at Porrima 3 (Porrima System).

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After speaking to him, you can access the Ship Builder menu, attach Shielded Cargo modules, and Scan Jammers onto your ship. Likewise, players can also purchase Shielded Cargo from Jasmine, a vendor located at the Key Space Station. To buy it from her, you will need to first join the Crimson Fleet Faction.

It’s worth mentioning that the Shielded Cargo modules do have a specific weight capacity meaning the Contraband you plan to carry should not exceed that limit. Alternatively, you can also unlock the Deception skill which will lower the efficiency of scans that are conducted while entering a planet. Once you attach the Shielded Cargo to your spaceship, it will prevent the contrabands from being detected by the scanners as you enter any planet.

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With the Sheilded Cargo and Scan Jammer in place, visit different Trade Authority vendors across the universe. Kolman Lang runs the Trade Authority at Neon on Volii Alpha; visit his shop to sell illegal items. If you want to avoid the risk of getting scanned altogether, then visit The Den on Chthonia in the Wolf System. There are no space police authorities waiting to scan your ship thus making it easy to carry your contraband.

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