When do you unlock Vampire God Remnant and Blood Remnant in Redfall?


Bethesda and Arkane’s Redfall is a co-op shooter centered around the town of the same name. The town has been overridden with vampires and cultists that worship them. You can progress through the game co-op or solo, but you will need equipment regardless of how you play. This includes guns, vampire-killing stakes, and Blood Remnants. Unfortunately, the latter can be hard to find, which may leave you wondering how to get Vampire God and Blood Remnants in Redfall.

How to unlock the Vampire God Remnant in Redfall

You will unlock Vampire God Remnant naturally as you progress through Redfall’s story, specifically once you complete The Hollow Man mission. This took me about five hours, but I also spent a long time exploring Redfall Commons. This will unlock the Vampire God Remnant equipment in Redfall. This is a powerful piece of equipment to gain various buffs. These seem to be rarer than Blood Remnants, as I picked ours up after a boss fight. Only one Vampire God Remnant can be equipped at a time.

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How to unlock the Blood Remnant in Redfall

Like the Vampire God Remnant, you will unlock Blood Remnant in Redfall by playing through the game. After completing A Grave Situation mission in the main story, you can start finding Vampire Blood Remnants. Vampire Blood can be equipped to give you various bonuses, such as reducing fall damage, reducing explosive damage, increasing health, and more. Only one Blood Remnant can be equipped at a time.

We recommend playing with different combinations for your equipment in Redfall. Don’t be afraid to swap which ones you use as you progress. You may find that some come in handy for certain challenges. I found myself equipping Remnants that reduced fall damage because I have a problem with jumping off high places instead of finding a way down, but feel free to use what suits you best.

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