Where to play Amanda the Adventurer

Some of the weirdest, creepiest things you’ll ever see on television are on kids’ TV. Whether deliberate or not, a lot of children’s shows have quite a sinister vibe. And this is something 3D puzzle horror game Amanda the Adventurer plays up to with chilling as well as comedic effect. If like me the YouTube launch trailer had you totally creeped out in a good way, you’ll be wanting to know where you can play Amanda the Adventurer.

How to play Amanda the Adventurer

The simple answer is, you can now play Amanda the Adventurer on Steam. The full game is less than $10 but if you’re not sure it’s going to be your cup of terrifying tea, you can also download and play the Amanda the Adventurer Demo on Steam for free. If you want to try the demo we suggest you make it quick, as Steam demos often disappear quite quickly after the full release arrives.

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The demo of the game plays out first-person style, as you explore and find puzzles that have hints in the episodes of Amanda the Adventurer you can watch on an old VCR in the attic of a house. The pretend show couldn’t be more inappropriate in terms of content, with Amanda wielding a really sharp-looking knife while her sheep chum Wooly looks increasingly nervous. The demo is pretty short but gives you a nice idea of the kind of game to expect. If you haven’t seen the latest trailer, check it out below.

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