Wisteria 2 has been closed due to data and data issues


The recently launched Roblox game, Wisteria 2, has become a favorite among Demon Slayer fans. Despite initial hiccups during launch, the game seemed to be making progress. However, a data issue shut it down briefly, and after reopening, it became clear that the problem was deeper than first thought.

On May 2nd, 2023, the Wisteria 2 team announced on their Discord server that the game would be shutting down for an indefinite period to address persistent issues. Players have experienced software lock-ups, data issues, and lost money due to unstable game passes and developer products. Additionally, the game suffers from lags and glitches that negatively affect the gaming experience.

Hey guys, thank you very much for playing Wisteria 2. Recently, we, the developers, have been debating about the future of the game;

The game is a huge mess with people getting locked out left and right, data issues, people losing money due to unstable games/dev products and the game is just a big, slow, sluggish mess.

So we decided to shut down the game in order to work full time on the rework we promised you guys. To all the people who supported this release, thank you very much and we are sorry to release a flawed game.

The developers expressed their gratitude to the players for their support and apologized for releasing a flawed game. They’ve decided to focus on bringing back the business full time to fix these issues and improve the game for their community.

In addition, the developers defended the accusations of appropriation of funds with the following statement:

For those who say we just ran with what we made of the game, that’s not the case. The gaming code was so awful that it wasn’t ideal for it to be unlocked and people buying things and not receiving them. We’re remaking the game from the ground up and making sure things like this don’t happen. This is out of interest in the game.

Your clan will come to the rescue

While the duration of the shutdown is still uncertain, players are hoping that the downtime experienced by Pixel Piece, another popular game that has faced similar issues and has been closed for several months, will not be long. The gaming community is eagerly waiting to see if the Wisteria 2 developers can quickly fix the issues and bring the game back.


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