WitchSpring R for PS5, Xbox One and Switch launches on August 29

witchspring r will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Switch on August 29 worldwide, developer KIWI WALKS Announced. It will support Japanese and Korean audio, and English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese text. The wish list is now available through PlayStation Store.

In the West, PM Studios will publish the game. No information about physical editions has been announced yet.

In Japan, witchspring r It will be available in standard 4,950 yen and limited 19,800 yen physical editions. The latter includes a copy of the game, a special box, a Chibi Pieberry figure, a hardcover art book, the official soundtrack, Black Joe and Boar Jr. badges, a set of 10 character cards, and the contents downloadable “Silver Rose Set” costume that contains the “Silver Rose Seed” and “Silver Rose Knight” Costumes. Early copies of either edition include the “Black Pearl Set” costume DLC.

-Standard Edition

-Limited edition

witchspring r first released for PC via Steam on September 26.

Here’s an overview of the game, via KIWI WALKS:


The story of a witch persecuted by warriors.

witchspring r is a story-based role-playing game that combines elements of training, gathering, and exploration.

Outside, you can enjoy collecting magical ingredients, fighting warriors and monsters, and developing stories with various characters.
At home, you can enjoy training your own witch by scheduling training and fusing magical ingredients that you can collect in the field.

The Witch’s End is enriched by the player’s choice and the witch’s growth.

Key Features

  • “Train” the witch to survive.
    • Running, meditating, swimming… train your witch through various trainings.
    • By fusing collected magical ingredients, you can create tools to increase the witch’s statistics.
    • Add nutrients to your weapons to advance your ideal areas and create your own battle style.
  • “Collect” a variety of magic, tools, and pets.
    • Create items by fusing magical ingredients that can be collected from all over the forest.
    • Use different magical properties to participate in strategic battles.
    • Master monsters and make them your pets, so you can get help on the field and in battle.
  • Enjoy an “Adventure” based on a story.
    • Advance the story and train Pieberry as you explore the countryside.
    • A friend? An enemy? EITHER…? Discover hidden stories through interactions with countryside characters.
    • Sometimes you can even disguise yourself as a human and invade the village.

Watch a new trailer below.

Release Date Trailer



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